Terminal Columbus Airport

Currently there is one Main Terminal at the airport but there is a future project to built a new terminal with new facilities, starting in 2018. It is planned to move all the operations in the new terminal when it’s going to be opened.


Main Terminal

It has three Concourses: A, B and C.


- Concourse A: it has gates from A1 to A6. It hosts a lot of flights from Southwest Airlines. It has food and drinks establishments as well as shops and services.


- Concourse B: it has gates from B17, B19-B26, B28-B36. It has food and drinks establishments as well as services and shops.


- Concourse C: it has gates from C46 to C56. Like Concourses A and B, Concourse C has as well food, drinks, shops and services among the facilities. Concourse C hosts the flights of the airline Delta Air Lines. The gate C46 is used for the international arrivals and connects with the immigration and customs.

The international flights are seasonal and are managed only for some airlines that flies to Punta Cana, Cancún, Freeport or Toronto.


New Terminal

The new terminal is going to have:

- A new Car Rental Facility

- A Ground Transportation Center

- A Cell Phone Lot to pick up and drop off passengers quickly

- An Hotel adjacent to the Terminal

- A Parking or Open Space